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We have developed a suite of materials for you to implement in the workplace. Written by HR professionals in consultation with carers and industry, these resources will help shape your organisation’s carer-inclusivity.

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A Guide to Job Crafting for Individuals
Find out what job crafting is, why you should do it, and how to do it. Follow our step-by-step guide and shape the way you work in a way that makes your job more meaningful and engaging.
Carer Hub
Help your team access support and information quickly and efficiently by creating an organisational Carer’s Hub. Download this resource and create a central access point today.
Wellbeing Checks
Prioritising the wellness of your team is a smart business decision. Read more about what wellbeing means and how to support an employee in developing a Wellness Action Plan.
Organisational Statements
This document provides examples of organisational statements aimed at promoting a carer-inclusive workplace. These statements emphasise the value of unpaid caregivers, commitment to work-life balance, and support for employees with caring responsibilities.
Flexible Work Arrangements – Examples
Here are various flexible work arrangements for carer-inclusive workplaces to consider. These flexible arrangements aim to promote inclusivity, work-life balance, and employee satisfaction.
Carer-Inclusive Workplace Policy
This is a great place to start creating a carer-inclusive workplace. The template includes a statement of intent, definition of a carer and guidance on how to identify and support carers in the workplace.

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