Committing to a carer-inclusive workplace

Carers have a right to flexible working arrangements. Best practice employers foster an inclusive culture with policies, open dialogue and an empathetic approach to each employee’s personal circumstance.

Why self-assessment?

To determine the level of carer-inclusivity in your organisation, we have developed a self-assessment tool. It is the first step for any establishment and contains 11 questions to help determine what policies and practices already exist. It will:

Each answer is given a score, and your overall results inform what happens next. Score highly and you will automatically be deemed committed to becoming a carer-inclusive workplace! Organisations with a lower score will be encouraged to complete e-learning modules and access resources before taking the self-assessment test again.

Organisations committed to carer-inclusivity

These companies have started their journey towards being a carer-inclusive workplace. You too can be on the wall of fame by taking the self-assessment today!

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